Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer:  Jim Ardito

Since retiring from his career as Chief System Architect and technical manager, Jim has devoted his energy to biking, sailing, and software development. As President and Chief Technical Officer of Bold Visions, he leads the software development team in development of web applications social networking and data management. He has over 40 years Systems and Software Engineering and Architecture experience in government and commercial areas, holding positions as Chief Solution Architect, Chief Systems Engineer, Chief Software Engineer, and Project Leader. Enthusiasm, teamwork, focus, and sense of humor have been praised by previous employers and peers. Decades of experience in system architecture, SOA, commercial product integration and advanced architecture frameworks make him well positioned to lead the development of the Bold Visions Social Network platform.

Co-founder and President: Marguerite Ardito -

Maggie is a recognized expert in enterprise information architecture, with over 40 years technical and management experience focused on information, data and knowledge integration. She was the primary author and technical lead on the Enterprise Data Architecture for a major intelligence agency. She has driven strategic initiatives and information-intensive programs in diverse domains such as intelligence, identity integration and geospatial systems. She is a frequent speaker at major data conferences including DAMA, the Semantic Technology Conference, Federal Enterprise Architecture, and Semantic Interoperability Community of Practice (SICOP). Prior to founding Bold Visions, she was founder and president of Information Exchange,a company specializing in semantic intelligence integration. Her focus was on strategies and technologies for sharing, integrating, transforming and exploiting data, information, and knowledge. This emphasis on data and knowledge management makes her well positioned to lead the data integration aspects of Bold Visions. Maggie believes that community websites can be a powerful catalyst for making things happen to improve the world.