Bold Visions for Bold Solutions

Strong, Bold, Simple Solutions
for your small business or nonprofit

Bold Visions is a company with a passion for harnessing technology for positive impact.   We believe nonprofits and small businesses can contribute to a better, greener, and more active, equitable and sustainable world.  We provide low-cost tools and services using open-source platforms.   We believe that with the right tools each of us can have a positive impact on our own future, and the future of our community and the planet. We fully understand that both businesses and nonprofits need to manage their investment of time, resources and money to cover current demands while optimizing investment in the future.

Simple solutions for complicated problems

Bold Visions provides technical, administrative and consulting services to nonprofits and small businesses.  We are a full service company established in 2002 to assist startups, nonprofits and small businesses from conception to maturity. We understand the challenges startups and small nonprofits and businesses face because we’ve been through them ourselves. We know you want the most cost-effective, time-effective solutions that don’t lock you in to expensive maintenance and upgrade path. We’re all about solving the challenges using the simplest, most cost-effective, sustainable and direct approaches and tools to minimize cost and time. We use proven established open-source tools to minimize your risk and to keep life-cycle cost and time investment to a minimum.

Keeping your organization strong, bold and Simple

We provide web design and digital strategy services to help drive positive social change. With a combined 70 year background in technology and consulting we have the skills and knowledge to provide the best solution and guidance for how to make the best use of existing, free and low-cost tools.   

We provide the best and most cost-effective solutions for nonprofit and small businesses. Our specialties include strategic planning for startups and small nonprofits and businesses. websites, social media marketing and back-office services. We specialize  in working with groups that enable and support trails and greenways, and sustainable, active communities and lifestyles. If you or your organization are committed to similar or related causes and want to make things happen through social media and community websites, we are ready to help.  

We group our services in three categories:

  • Strategic – Planning to start, grown and optimize your organization from concept to maturity
  • Technical – websites, social media and data management
  • Consulting – Advisory services on all aspects of optimizing a small organization including contact management and content marketing strategy & implementation

Our specialties include:

  • Nonprofit and small business startup launch and growth
  • Website design, development and management
  • Social Media marketing
  • Mapping and geospatial services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Consulting services
  • Digital marketing