Welcome to Bold Visions.  

Bold Visions provides information and technical services, and map and website development for organizations related to cycling, trails, greenways, sustainable living and active retirement.  Check out the links below for samples of our work.  

St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance SJR2C.org

The St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance is a  501(c)3 Florida nonprofit organization to support, advocate, enhance and protect the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop. The Loop is an emerging 265-mile multi-use Florida SUNtrail from Titusville to DeBary to Palatka to St. Augustine and along the Atlantic coast to Titusville.  Click here to go to the SJR2C.org site.

Trails and Greenways

This site is for people interested in trails and greenways - especially destination cycling trails.  It also features blogs of people who love to travel these trails around the world.  Click here to go to the Trails and Greenways  website.

Florida Greenway

This is a  community website that promotes trails and greenways in Florida.   Click here to go to the Florida Greenway  website.

About Bold Visions

Bold Visions is a company with a passion for “taming technology for the trail ahead”.  We develop websites and maps using tools like Drupal and ESRI ArcGIS Pro to develop maps and websites to help people build and enjoy trails. We also develop story maps to engage people in trails and trail building about the potential of trails for economic development and community building.