About Bold Visions

Bold Visions is a company with a passion for “taming technology for the trail ahead”.  We develop websites and maps using tools like Drupal and ESRI ArcGIS Pro to develop maps and websites to help people build and enjoy trails. We also develop story maps to engage people in trails and trail building about the potential of trails for economic development and community building. 

For us, the "trail ahead" symbolizes our vision of a better, greener, happier, more active, more sustainable world. Bold Visions is a consulting and web development company committed to providing low cost solutions that leverage technology for positive change. We concentrate on developing websites using Open Source platforms to advance worthy causes - causes that make us stronger and more self-reliant at all levels from individual and community to global. Causes like

  • cycling, trails and greenways
  • stronger, greener, more livable communities
  • sustainability
  • financial and physical independence
  • active retirement

We believe that with the right tools each of us can have a positive impact on our own future and the future of our families, our community and the world. We've spent a few years investigating tools and causes before embarking on this path. Our Bold Vision is a world where people are independent, self-reliant and happy. They bike, walk, explore, learn, conserve, communicate, collaborate and contribute – and they do it all better, stronger, longer as they transition into retirement. We-re doing our small part to make the vision a reality.