Drupal is a free software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Drupal is open-source software distributed under the GPL ("GNU General Public License") and is maintained and developed by a community of thousands of users and developers.  It's built using modern techniques, and under constant improvement by the developer community.

Note: If you are interested in learning Drupal, or if you already know Drupal but are looking for support, we highly recommend OS Training.  You can sign up for a free 2 day trial and get access to all their training material (they have Wordpress, Joomla and other products too) and also online support.  They are always quick to respond to questions and problems.  After the 2 days you can cancel or continue for a reasonable monthly fee (we picked $25 for access to all training plus online support).   If you just want to learn Drupal basics, there is a free 66 lesson video series.  Just click on the icon in the right column to get the free trial.  


Many organizations and non-profits of all sizes select Drupal for content management and social networking, It’s free, flexible, and easy to maintain for small or large volume sites.

Drupal's amazing flexibility means that its just as easy to create a blog, user forum, ecommerce site, or a corporate site using the same framework. Drupal adheres to all web standards and uses modern techniques for XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Standard features in Drupal also means that you get state-of-the-art security, search engine optimization (SEO), taxonomy, and interoperability right out of the box.

Drupal's devoted developer community means that new modules and features are constantly being developed and tested. Need help with a particular module or advice on how to implement a particular piece of business logic? The Drupal community is responsive,  knowledgeable and willing to help.

Drupal is one of the fastest growing open source content management solutions available, because it is clearly one of the best available. Contact us to ask how we can help your organization leverage the power of Drupal.

DrupalEasy Academy now offering Drupal Career Program live online!

I was lucky to be able to attend the DrupalEasy Academy's Drupal Career Program.  It's a terrific, intensive 8 week course and Mike Anello is a talented instructor with a unique ability to make Drupal understandable. (Plus he's a really nice guy and a huge asset to the Drupal community.) Even for someone who's been working with Drupal for awhile, this course provides a ton of new information and insights.